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Sara Century

Sara Century is an Adweek freelance writer focused on creativity and brand campaigns.

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Retired NBA All-Star Kevin Garnett Is Still Really Competitive in Funny BetMGM Ads

Sports Marketing

Kevin Garnett may have retired from basketball, but he still enjoys the thrill of winning in these new BetMGM spots.

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Naomi Osaka’s Beauty Brand Launches BIPOC-Centered Skin Care Initiative

Health and Wellness

'The Way We Glow' aims to inform consumers about Kinlò's skin care line, which is designed specifically for melanin rich skin.

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A Restaurant Creates a Catalog Full of Odd Gifts Inspired by Pizza

Food & Beverage

Canadian casual dining brand Boston Pizza (BP) is embracing nostalgia this Christmas with its Holiday Wish List, designed to resemble the catalogs of yesteryear. Created in partnership with agency john [...]

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Mika and Indeed Reignite Partnership for 2022 Music and Networking Tour


Mika and Indeed are also hiring a "Content Roadie" for their tour titled For the Rite of Spring.

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This Wireless Phone Ad Shows Why Some Family Plans Are Better Without Family


Verizon-owned service provider Visible leans into the familiarity of familial chaos during the holidays.

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Google’s Emotional 2021 ‘Year In Search’ Reflects a World Learning ‘How to Heal’


In 2020, Google’s Year In Search showed internet users asking “why?” in unprecedented numbers as they attempted to find meaning behind the catastrophic global events that defined the moment. This [...]

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Doja Cat’s New Collaborator? Girls Who Code


Doja Cat and Girls Who Code launched a website that teaches basic coding language by having users direct a music video.

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These Custom Sailor Jerry Holiday Sweaters Showcase Tattoos

Beer, Spirits & Cannabis

The brand is named after a tattoo artist in Hawaii.

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Avoiding Extra Travel Fees? This Brand Made a Jacket That Lets You Wear Your Baggage

Travel & Transportation

Jacket-On looks like an ordinary yellow jacket at first appearance, but when opened, it shows a number of pockets perfect for hidden storage.